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Trailer Type Gensets

Features of Trailer Generator Sets
1.Steal plate spring suspension system equipped with mechanic hand breaking and trailer sync air braking system contacted with tractor.
2.Adopt adjustable bolted to adjust trailer height, suitable for different trucks.
3. Four mechanical Supporting legs around the trailer, operating platform in three sides of trailer, footplate at the end of the trailer.
4.Equipped with direction indicator light, braking light.
5.The whole trailer can be lifted from the top-lifting handle.

 6.Optional cable


Suitable for outdoor or mobility work. 
The good sealing, rainproof,  safe usage of compartments body.  
Towing power device.
The trailer base frame using steel plate spring vibration. 
Trailer base frame in the four corners have adjustable support feet from the ground, and the front support guide wheel.
The maintenance platform design on both sides of trailer for easy maintenance. 
Trailer brake equipped with the driver brake, pneumatic or hydraulic brake etc.    
With road lights system so as to meet the requirements of road traffic safety. 
Manual or electric cable capstan plate and cable, aviation plug, etc can be equipped with according to the request of user. 

Power range:
Application scope:
It is widely used in open spaces and outside power site as a common or standby power. At present, trailer type generating sets are widely used in national security, telecommunication, plateau, mining, etc.

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