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Mobile Power Station

Mobile power station have features of fast moving, low noise, easy operation and all day working. It’s widely used as emergency power in telecom, rescue, military and the place forbidden power failure.

It’s with cross-country performance, suitable to different area.And It have features of airtightness to against rain, snow and dust, can workin rugged environment. It can supple power in short time far way. The power station is equipped with safety configuration, include smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, explosion-proof lamp, emergency lamp, etc. Intelligent fire extinguishing system is optional for unmanned monitoring.
The mobile power station is designed to normal type and silent type according to genset’s dimension, weight, and clients requirement. The silent power station can reduce noise to 70dB through reasonable layout,improving vibration, air outlet and inlet design.



1. Reliable diesel generator sets (with control panel)
2. Low noise canopy (with monitoring room), manual type stainless window blinds
3. Electric winch, 50meters power output cable and sockets
4. Hydraulic legs
5. Alarm lights

Application scope:
It applies to industries of electrical power, communications, oil field, port and mines, etc. And it also as the emergency power in case of sudden power failure or for large important meetings.
Noise value:
65-80dB (A)/7m

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